Shanghai Knights - Dragon Key & Seal

When I saw this movie the first time, I had a lot of fun. Not only for Owen Wilson but as well for Jackie Chan who, seems since ages, always manage to blend Kung-Fu performance with light humor.
Then when I saw some props for sale I couldn't resist and not only in regards of the movie but also due to my personal life.

 For the story you have to know, of course, that my wife come from Shanghai and as we go there quite often it was making sense to get a property there... great sense in view of the property market in China.

So it was a bit of a tease to have some Shanghai Knights props in our apartment there but at the end it always attract some questions and smiles as everyone in China knows Jackie Chan of course.

This display is composed of 2 props, the Dragon Key and the Imperial Seal... both stunts version of course.

 Chon Wang's (Jackie Chan) father is the keeper of the Imperial Seal. 

It is kept inside a special gold box. The only way to open the box is to use the "dragon key" which Chon's father (Kim S. Chan) wears around his neck. 

This "Dragon Key" was used on screen by several actors during filming.

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