Jurassic Park - Barbasol Cryo Can replica

This is also one very recognizable prop for any fan of Jurassic park.

It seems someone was doing those nice replicas at one time, but more difficult to find today. Usually I'm not much into replica anymore but this I couldn't let pass.

It's a very nice replicas where you can hide everything in the can and basically show it used like in the movie... besides it has no Dino DNA and no shaving cream.

Star Wars - Master Replicas Lightsabers

Before collecting props, I was more into affordable replicas... and I didn't quite now that props could be found either.

As opposed to Star Trek where you can get some phasers to replaces the MR replicas... well at least if not from TOS, it's unthinkable for me to ever be able to get a lightsaber prop so I'm satisfied with those.

Darth Vader - ANH - Dual Signature (Bottom right)

Got this one a few years ago when you could still find them on Ebay. Never saw an Artist Proof version of it for sale.

Luke Skywalker - ESB - Signature - AP (Bottom left)

Luke Skywalker - ROTJ - Signature - AP (Top)

Ebay on my sense is all about luck. Sometimes you have a few buyers rushing for the same item, sometimes seems like no-one wants it.

For the 2 Mark Hamill signed one, it was those moments I was the only buyer and for anyone buying items on Ebay they will understand directly how fortunate it was for me.

Star Wars - Death Star section

Well, this was a difficult choice as I could chose to go for Star Trek props only but to own a piece of the Death Star was always on my mind as well.

I wasn't very keen at first but not when I saw this one as for me I find it very recognizable on some screenshots so I did the plunge and now I have it on display. It showcase very nicely I think.

This is a screenshot of the movie and you can see a few similar one easily.

Star Wars - Tie over Death Star sketch

In 1977, I was 13 years old and I still remember today the first few minutes with the Star Destroyer passing by on screen and passing and passing and passing... I remember the crowd sheering when the Frigate was moving in then slowly being silent realizing how big the Star Destroyer would be.

Of course like many, Star Wars did blow me away and I was hooked to that memory... and will not digress about the other movies or especially the prequels... not sure why I'm saying that of course.

Getting Star Wars material isn't easy so I'm very happy to get this sketch framed. It shows beautifully in my apartment far from any direct sunlight of course.

Shanghai Knights - Stunt Snake Knife

Rathbone (Adian Gillen) enters the Forbidden City and murders Chon Wang's (Jackie Chan) father with the "snake knife" and steals the Imperial Seal, gold box and dragon key. This snake knife is made of a hard rubber and has a small hinge on one side that allows the blade to fold toward the snake's head.