Jurassic Park - Dennis Nedry Jeep License Plate #12

Jurassic Park was an amazing movie that managed to surprise everyone I believe and flame up our imagination. Not many movies do that but there are some from time to time.

So when I saw this License Plate from the movie for sale I was very very tempted to go for it. Unfortunately at that time it took me too long to decide and someone snatched it.

Quite some time later I was surprise to see it popping up for sale again, and I did decide myself fast this time. Luck doesn't strike so many times that you can afford to ignore it twice in a row.

The funny part here is that after a few years owning it, it was my wife that make me realize this plate has the day of my birth date as number as I'm born on a 12th of August. I even never did thought of that before while my wife was convinced it was why I was so happy to have buy this.

Dennis Nedry’s (Wayne Knight) ‘Jurassic Park’ crushed number plate made for the prehistoric action thriller of the same name. This style of number plate can be seen on the vehicles on the theme park island, including the jeeps driven by the workers on the island and the computer driven ‘ride’ cars that take the visitors around the sights. The number plate has ‘Jurassic Park 12 I.n.C.R.’ and the dinosaur skeleton logo. This number ‘12’ was used on Dennis Nedry’s Jeep when he crashes trying to run away with the dinosaur embryos. The licence plate has been custom framed with a laser cut mount board featuring the film’s title and movie stills from the film, the display measures 49.5cm x 53cm (19.5” x 21”)

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